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Restructuring Businesses

Company and Group Restructuring and Reorganisations

Our core area of activity is in buying and selling businesses for our clients, and very often this work includes some element of reorganising and restructuring businesses. As with our work in helping our clients to sell a business or acquire a business, we always time take to fully understand why a company reorganisation or restructuring is needed and what sort of outcome is required.

There are several reasons why companies need restructuring or reorganising, often as a result of business growth, financial difficulties or before or following the sale or purchase of a business:

  • Risk management or mitigation
  • The introduction of management or staff incentives
  • Succession planning
  • New investment
  • Returning cash or assets to investors
  • Tax planning
  • Dispute resolution
  • Financial distress

Reorganising and restructuring businesses is often a legal requirement as businesses develop and change, due to new owners and different shareholdings. It is also undertaken to make a business more cost-effective and efficient. The main types of corporate restructuring are:

  • From a sole trader to a company,
  • From a sole trader to a partnership,
  • From a sole trader to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP),
  • From a partnership to a Limited Liability Partnership,
  • From a partnership to a company,
  • Group structuring/restructuring – including setting-up holding companies.

Whatever type of restructuring is needed, our experienced corporate solicitors can help to ensure it is financially beneficial and protects your interests.

We Can Help With All Types of Business Restructuring

Quite often our work in selling a business or acquiring a business requires very detailed and complex work to ensure effective restructuring. Routine transactions can have wider implications and consequences that are not immediately obvious, where new shareholders’ agreements and articles of association are needed. These cases include the need for:

  • Restructuring of a business’ share capital, following a demerger.
  • Wider financial restructuring, including new capitalisation, debt for equity swaps and the introduction of new funding.

Where required, we will work closely with specialist tax advisers and accountants to ensure that we deliver a full and comprehensive service.

Contact us for Business Reorganisation and Restructuring Advice

Our work in this area is not restricted just to those clients who wish to buy or sell a business. Many clients that we have acted for when selling a business or buying a business come back to us for on-going restructuring or re-organisational help and advice.

So, If you are looking to sell your business or acquire a business, or need advice on how to restructure or reorganise your business to help growth or facilitate change, then contact us or call us on +44 (0)121 214 2490 for a FREE initial discussion.