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Succession Planning and Exit Strategies

A very important part of selling a business is to consider it and plan for it well in advance of when it is actually time to do it. The selling process might be a full or partial sale, a management buy out, a management buy in or a sale of shares. Whatever the chosen vehicle, the objective is to ensure that the owner/owners are able to realise their investment, successfully, so that they can shape their new future. We work with businesses to help them with succession planning and exit strategies.

Some key things to consider for exit planning

  • Objectives can differ significantly from person to person and by company to company. Every transaction is different so, as ever, we always start by ensuring we fully understand the objectives of the client involved.
  • Always keep plans under review. This is because circumstances and attitudes can change and it is important to be able to amend plans as and when required.
  • What if there is more than one owner? Time needs to be spent ensuring all interests are listened to and objectives satisfied.
  • Is it the intention to sell all of the business or just some of it, for some of the shareholders or all of them, now or at some point in the future?

Our knowledge and expertise in buying and selling businesses means we are well placed to advise on these matters. We know what potential buyers are looking for, and we can help sellers prepare their business for sale by ensuring all key documents and contracts are accurate, correct and up to date, along with details of ownership and shareholdings.

We can also advise on Shareholder Protection

We can provide specialist advice in this area through our associates who work closely with us.

If you are looking for help and advice on succession planning and exit strategies, contact us or call us on +44(0)121 214 2490 for a FREE initial chat.