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Charging Structure for Selling a Business or Buying a Business

In keeping with our commercial approach, we recognise and understand the importance to clients of transparent and flexible charging structures. With that in mind, and in addition to providing a genuine estimate of the likely costs at the outset, whether buying or selling a business or using any of our other services, we offer all our clients four alternative bases of charging:

  • An agreed fixed fee,
  • Hourly time charges subject to an agreed cap,
  • Hourly time charges,
  • An agreed percentage of the overall transaction consideration.

It is not surprising that the majority of our clients opt for a fixed fee or percentage based arrangement, which puts the emphasis on us to manage each project so as to ensure a timely completion.

Since prospective clients have the choice of charging structure, we should never lose a tender based on price. It also means that we work hard to enhance our reputation and to attain clients’ objectives, who have the certain knowledge of what our fee is going to be rather than being concerned about undue emphasis being given to time recording.

Our Client Charter

Following on from our straightforward and transparent approach to charging, we always adhere to a client charter designed to deliver successful outcomes for all parties.

  • We promise to act with honesty, integrity and commitment in all our dealings.
  • We will be straightforward, fair and even-handed in our approach.
  • We will listen to your requirements of us, and will seek to foster/nurture long-term relationships beyond our initial assignment.
  • We will endeavour to be accessible at all times.
  • We will always provide an estimate of the likely level of fees at the outset of the transaction, and will seek wherever possible to agree a fixed fee for undertaking any assignment.
  • We will endeavour to exceed your expectations of us.

Contact us or call us on +44 (0) 121 214 2490 for a free, initial chat, if you are considering selling a business or making a business acquisition.