Andrew Ward


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Working as a solicitor for our clients and partners, whether it is buying a company or selling a company, I’d hope that clients would say that I was very helpful, knowledgeable and prepared to fight their corner.

When I was younger, I thought about what careers would suit my skills set and the topics at school which I was good at such as History and English. Those subjects require an element of analytical skills, critical thinking and research.  Based on this, I thought perhaps being a solicitor might be a suitable career and that I’d try studying Law at A-Level to see if I enjoyed it, which I did, and I found that I wasn’t bad at it, so that carried over into taking a Law degree and from there I was committed to making it as a lawyer.

I am of the mindset ‘you should always go the extra mile’ for your client, completely committed, fighting their corner. I think it’s vital to be profession but still maintain a human approach. Ben Benson of Sanrock Capital LLP had a really positive experience when he used our services, you can see his full testimonial here. 

What film makes me think about being a good solicitor? I like the film True Grit (the Coen Brothers’ version) – whilst it’s not obviously a “legal” film, it does have a good courtroom scene at the beginning and the main character Mattie has a very “lawyerly” approach and is a very good negotiator!

I really loved traveling to the Greek Isles and recently went on a trip to New York for my Honeymoon. When I am not playing a game of football or watching Manchester United I also consider myself to be a bit of a foodie.

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