Ben Benson’s Experience


“In my experience, Continuum’s strength is the people in their firm; they’re organised, highly personable, deeply knowledgeable and professional. Under Guvvy‘s leadership, the whole team executes – when they say they’re going to do something they actually do it. I see Continuum Corporate Lawyers as ‘Professional Business People who happen to be lawyers’.  They are switched-on, commercially minded and sharply focused. Thanks for your ‘extra mile’ efforts.”

Ben Benson, Founding Partner – Sanrock Capital LLP, CEO-International Training Group Limited (ITG), CEO- Benson & Company Limited

A little about him: Ben Benson is a founding partner at Sanrock Capital LLP, a private investment and advisory firm that seeks to identify hidden value and growth opportunities for their clients. He is a serial entrepreneur who has extensive experience in executing middle market M&A transactions across a wide range of industries.