Selling Your Business? A Testimonial From Baroness Chalker


Continuum assisted the Baroness Chalker of Wallasey on the sale of her consultancy business, Africa Matters

Are you considering selling your business? At Continuum Corporate Lawyers, our experience in selling businesses for our clients covers a wide range of sectors, across manufacturing and services of all kinds. This testimonial is for the sale of a commercial consultancy business.

Brief details of this Transaction

The former British Government Minister of State for Overseas Development and Africa, Baroness Chalker, was introduced to us in 2015, looking to sell Africa Matters Limited. This was her independent consultancy that she had founded in 1998 and remains President of to this day.

The Baroness was keen to find the right buyer for her company, which encourages sustainable private sector investments from a variety of industries across Africa. Selling a business can be a complex and detailed process, and she tasked Continuum Corporate Lawyers with ensuring that the legal side of the transaction progressed smoothly.

The company was sold in December 2016 to a group of individual investors, after a legal process guided by the Continuum team.

Baroness Chalker Had This to Say About Our Role in the Sale

I was introduced to Guvvy Sandhu by BCMS, the consultants assisting me with the sale of my business, Africa Matters Limited.

Whilst the majority of the drafting work for the Heads of Agreement, the Consultancy Arrangements and Warranties was done by a more junior member of staff, the skill and drafting of the necessary amendments to the Buyers’ draft were initiated and finalised by Guvvy himself.

In the final meeting prior to completion, Guvvy showed both thorough understanding and negotiation skills in meeting my needs as a 100% shareholder seller, and of the Buyer’s demands, in a diplomatic and most effective manner.”

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