Testimonial for Selling a Business from Gapton Partners


Continuum facilitated the sale of Gapton Partners Limited on behalf of its shareholders

In 2011, we were engaged by the shareholders of Gapton Partners Limited for help with selling a business. They were seeking a buyer for their company and were eager to retain Continuum Corporate Lawyers to help deal with the legal side of the transaction. Gapton Partners Limited, trading as Prior Diesel Limited, is a diesel engineering company with over 60 employees.

Prior to sale, we were able to help the company prepare for a sale by undertaking a section 110 reorganisation. This element of the transaction was led by Simona Falticeanu.

The shareholders came back to us in 2015 after finding a potential buyer, Suretank Group Ltd, a manufacturer and supplier of tanks and offshore containers to oil and gas sites. The sale itself was co-ordinated by Andrew Ward, and was completed successfully.

The Shareholders Were Delighted With our Work

Selling a business is often a lengthy process,  sometimes requiring tough negotiations with the buyer. In addition, attention to detail is crucial, as this testimonial from the happy shareholders shows.

“Continuum Corporate Lawyers were selected as part of a panel put forward by BCMS, and upon speaking with the Firm it was immediately clear that these were the people we could work with. The conversation was positive, straightforward and full of common sense, unlike many others. The fixed fee was a big attraction at the start but with hindsight this seems such a minor point now.

Selling a business is lengthy, tiring, time consuming and downright hard work, and this deal was not an exception! BUT the team at the Firm were nothing other than encouraging, helpful, professional and there when needed.

Several other testimonials given have made comments regarding the 24/7 aspects of the team, and I cannot reiterate the same strongly enough when circumstances changed or we were having issues, as naturally happens, they were there any time of the day or night, with advice and encouragement, and also some very clever ideas to get things moving.

 The advice received from the Firm themselves prior to engagement saved one of the shareholders thousands. Despite already having lawyers and accountants, no one had picked up an arrangement that would have caused issues going forward, as I say this was before they were formally engaged.

Nothing is too much trouble, we used the offices extensively, at all times of the day and night! The hospitality was first class and you always felt like you were the only client being looked after when I know there were many deals going on at the same time.

In the midst of tough negotiations they were always there, to help not only with the technical arguments but also the psychological processes in selling, something invaluable for people such as ourselves where this was the first time and we were quite naive.

I can’t  thank them enough and it might be clichéd but this really was a legal bill I didn’t mind paying, and I’ve never said that before!”

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This testimonial shows our commitment to getting the deal done and also our attention to detail that lead to one of the shareholders saving thousands of pounds. If you are thinking of selling a business, please contact us or call us on +44(0)121 214 2490 for a FREE initial chat.